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Ivy's Dream 

Ivy (Maggie Alexander) spirals into depression and alcoholism following the death of her twin sister, while her husband (Anthony Robert Grasso) desperately tries to stop his family from crumbling entirely. 


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Double Bondsmen

Twin brothers. A bag of chalupas. A dead body. Now's their chance to prove themselves as bounty hunters—and chase their lifelong dream.

Created by Chandler Ryd

Starring Joshua & Jacob  Zukowski and the bumbling brothers, and Maggie Alexander as the detective cleaning up their mess.

Here is a sneak peak of Maggie dealing with Brett... or is it Rhett??  Whichever one doesn't have all the hair!  

Now Available:


Enthusiastic Sinners
Available on, VimeoiTunesAmazon 

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Fleishman is in Trouble 
Available on Hulu

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The Single Man
web series

(The Bachelor Spoof)
Available on YouTube

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